Together with Bäßler Verlag in Berlin this extended art catalogue got published in MAJ 2019.

The catalogue shows pictures of the exhibition ONE YEAR VIA ART and give an insight to what each of the paintings represent. 12 Paintings in combination with text show 1 year trough art: The first year after being diagnosed with MS and how the mental state changes during this period.

It is written in 3 languages: danish, german and english. 40 Pages and cost 14 Euros.

The human being in crisis!

Linda Baum is a danish artist, who lives and works in Berlin. In 2017, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune, chronic inflammatory, neurological disease. She used this diagnosis as a source of inspiration for a series of artworks, consisting of twelve pieces, which has been brought together in this art catalogue.

The artworks and the powerful texts, combined with process pictures from the studio, show an insight in the artists world of conflicting emotions. One painting a month and the thoughts, which she wrote in addition to them, give an authentic image of how the emotional situation led to new artistic processes and unexpected creative transformations.

With the exhibition and this book Linda Baum wants to support the research of Multiple Sclerosis.

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